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Membership Policies

Acceptance Policies and Membership


We consider ourselves an inclusive system, and welcome experienced martial artists from all styles and backgrounds who wish to learn from us and share their knowledge. Of course, we focus most of our efforts on newcomers to the martial arts. Any of our branch schools are always open to visitors seeking to learn more about us, but as our schools exist primarily in a university setting, access to the university facilities in which we train is frequently restricted to university students, faculty, and staff. Anyone wishing to contact one of our branch schools to inquire further is invited to do so. Please see our contact page for information.


The following documents have been prepared for the benefit of those with prior experience in the martial arts. The text of each document follows, and they are also available for download.


Acceptance Policy For Kyu (under black belt) Ranks

Acceptance Policy For Dan (black belt) Ranks

These documents are in a PDF format. 

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